Hedging- and wood plants

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During the planting season (November until April) you’ll find a broad range of young wood and hedging plants. They are sold with bare roots and are available in different sizes. The most common species are also sold in a container. More information can be found in our catalogue.

Apart from that, many shrubs and conifers can be used as hedging plants. They are delivered either with a ball of soil or in a container. You will find them in the sections ‘broad-leaved plants and trees’ and ‘conifers’.

For hedging plants like the Carpinus (Hornbeam) and Fagus (Beech), 4 to 5 plants per running metre are required. Shrubs like Prunus laurocerasus (Rotundifolia) and conifers like Thuja should be planted approximately 70 cm apart from each other.

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