Fruit trees

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During the planting season (November until April) all regular fruit trees can be found at Van Pelt. They are sold with bare roots and are available as shrub (low standard tree), half standard tree and high standard tree.

Shrubs branch off from below or have a smal trunk, half standard trees have a trunk of approximately 1,5 meter; high standard trees of approximately 2 meters with a crown on top. Some apple and pear types are also sold in trained shapes (double V or double U). More information can be found in our catalogue.

When choosing, take into account that of many types of fruit, especially apples and pears, the flowers can’t be pollinated with their own pollen. To carry fruit, they need pollen of a fruit tree of the same type but of a different variety (cross-pollination). In our pollination table you can find the suitable pollinator for every variety.

Apart from fruit trees, we also sell many kinds of small fruit such as berry shrubs, hazelnuts, grapes, kiwis… Some varieties are sold in pots, others are sold only with bare roots. You can find the different species and sizes in our catalogue.

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