Ornamental shrubs

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Our selection of (ornamental) shrubs includes evergreen as well as deciduous varieties, suitable for various uses: ground covers, heather plants, flowering and berry shrubs, shaped shrubs, hedging plants, etc. You can find our entire range in the section ‘broad-leaved plants and trees’ in our catalogue.

Contrary to trees, shrubs have (nearly) no trunk – they start to branch off right above the soil. The size, mentioned in our catalogue, is the height (or the diameter) of the plant measured in cm. E.g.: a shrub size 60/80 has an overground height of 60 to 80 cm.

We grow a wide range of shrubs in containers. These shrubs can be planted all year round, ideally between October and April – during that period, you have the widest choice. Large shrubs are grown in full soil. You can only plant them out when they are at rest, i.e. from early November until late March. Depending on the size and the variety, these plants are delivered with bare roots or with bare roots or a (wrapped) ball of soil.

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