Shaped trees

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Trained and roof-shaped trees are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, we enlarge our assortment every year. Because of their smaller sizes, trained trees can be used as fencing at places where ‘regular’ trees are too large.

Van Pelt grows trained trees of Carpinus (hornbeam), Platanus (plane tree), Pyrus c. ‘Chanticleer’ (ornamental pear tree) and Tilia (lime tree). Our trained trees have a free trunk of approximately 2 m, with 4 levels on top, each 50 cm (they reach an overall height of 3.5 m). These trees are available as ‘newly tailored structure’ (with lateral branches of one year old) or as ‘fully trained’ (with older lateral branches). The trees are delivered with a ball of soil and are provided with a bamboo rack. They are best planted at a distance of 3 m from each other. The trees have to be pruned in the wintertime on a yearly basis. Therefore, the top should be easily accessible.

We also offer roof-shaped trees of Morus (mulberry tree), Platanus (plane tree), Quercus palustris (Spanish oak) and Tilia (lime tree). Their trunk height is 2.4 m (newly tailored structure) or 2.6 up to 2.7 m (fully trained). Above it, there is an horizontal rack of approximately 1.5 m across. Roof-shapes are always delivered in a container or with a ball of soil. Available sizes and prices can be found in our catalogue.

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