Rhododendron and azalea

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Van Pelt offers you a wide rhododendron collection. Ranging from the common wild purple rhododendron over the improved large-flowered varieties in all colours to the densely growing dwarf rhododendrons.

Our azaleas belong to this group as well. We offer a fine selection of evergreen, low-growing azaleas, as well as deciduous varieties that will grow into beautiful solitary shrubs, e.g. the yellow wild azalea, Hardy Ghents, varieties of the rhododendron Molle and the English Knaphill and Exbury azaleas. Our entire collection can be found in our catalogue.

Rhododendrons and azaleas require an acid, humus-rich and humid but well-drained soil. They are best planted in half-shadow, sheltered from drying winds. A sunny spot is possible as well, if the soil is sufficiently humid and doesn’t dry out.

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