What do we do?

Plants: from A(belia) to Z(elkova)

 Van Pelt offer you more than 2000 types and varieties in a wide range of sizes.

The Public will find everything and more to create your own garden.  Our detailed catalogue will help you in making the right choice.

To the Trade, we offer the service of a complete package.

Ø  We complete your entire list of required plants from A(belia) to Z(elkova).
Species for all possible applications: solitary trees, soil covering plants, less maintenance plants, salt-resistant plants.

Ø  Our wide selection offers you original alternatives in order to increase the added value of your designs.
Our professional advise and experience is always available to you.

Both our website and our catalogue show our complete selection.

In Belgium and abroad

 We export one third of our production to both the Trade and the Public across Europe.  Destinations include the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

For more than 25 years already, we have been exporting plants to Switzerland as well.
During the season we have deliveries to Switzerland on a weekly basis.

Quality at a competitive price

 Looking for quality at a competitive price?
Van Pelt can meet your requirement because we grow plants using the latest modern techniques and remove them using the appropriate machinery.
High yield at a minimum cost.
Optimizing all circumstances to grow plants, results in top quality. 

Immediate success

Van Pelt also pay attention to what you “do not” see.

A healthy root is absolutely essential to ensure the plants remain healthy once re-planted.

The sandy lime (?) soil of Putte is ideal to develop a healthy root with strong branches and leaves. 

Planting on a regular basis makes sure that they develop a compact root ball with a lot of fine roots.

This ensures that the trees and plants start to grow again fast in your garden.   

Environmental friendly

Is growing plants automatically environmental friendly?  Unfortunately not.

A lot of nurseries use environmental unfriendly products and techniques.

Van Pelt actively try to limit any environmental damage.  

Weed-killers are used to an absolute minimum, alternatively we prefer mechanical systems.

Since early 2007 we are a member of MPS (Milieu Plan Sierteelt). 

 This organization imposes strict rules regarding the use of specific products, fertilizers, energy, waste removal, etc. …

Quick service

All our employees are well trained and thanks to a very smooth organization, we are able to offer very quick deliveries, a reliable service and efficient paperwork.

We are more than happy to share our professional advice and experience with you. 

Our specialties

Single trees and shrubs

Not everybody takes sufficient time to grow single trees and shrubs. But it is definitely one of many specialties of Van Pelt. We have full grown trees and shrubs that will make your garden look absolutely beautiful.

Upon request, we will send you our complete stock list.


Last but not least, Van Pelt also grow roses.

We have more than 200 different species such as miniature roses, shrub roses, nostalgic English roses and the latest Meidiland roses.

During the summer months (end July – early September) you are more than welcome to pay us a visit and admire our entire selection.

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