robbeaut.jpg Rosa (BH) Buff Beauty
rfgold.jpg Rosa (BH) Fr?hlingsgold
rmgerani.jpg Rosa (BH) Geranium
rhugonis.jpg Rosa (BH) hugonis
rnevada.jpg Rosa (BH) Nevada
rschneez.jpg Rosa (BH) Schneezwerg
rspterac.jpg Rosa (BH) sericea pteracantha
rsperpet.jpg Rosa (BH) Stanwell Perpetual
racropol.jpg Rosa (F) Acropolis ?
ranectar.jpg Rosa (F) Apricot Nectar
roaspi.jpg Rosa (F) Aspirin Rose ?
rbengali.jpg Rosa (F) Bengali ?
Very floriferous floribunda with doubled blooms that will open to cups. This variety stands apart by its coloured, trendy colour, its strong and poignant ...
rbonica.jpg Rosa (F) Bonica 82 ?
relle.jpg Rosa (F) Elle ?
rfriesia.jpg Rosa (F) Friesia ?
rgalaxy.jpg Rosa (F) Galaxy ?
rgorose.jpg Rosa (F) Garden of Roses ?
Very compact growing floribunda with nostalgic flowers in an attractive color and delicate fragrance . Ideal for planting in pots , window boxes and small ...
rgborder.jpg Rosa (F) Golden Border ?
rlmarlen.jpg Rosa (F) Lilli Marlene ?
rmmeilan.jpg Rosa (F) Manou Meilland ?
rmmathil.jpg Rosa (F) Maria Mathilda ?
rmatilda.jpg Rosa (F) Matilda ?
rosmmlla.jpg Rosa (F) Matthias Meilland ?
romelro.jpg Rosa (F) Melrose
rmsnow.jpg Rosa (F) Midsummer Snow ?
rpoustin.jpg Rosa (F) Poustinia?
rpmathild.jpg Rosa (F) Prinses Mathilde ?
relizabe.jpg Rosa (F) Queen Elizabeth
rschneew.jpg Rosa (F) Schneewittchen ?
rsunstar.jpg Rosa (F) Sunstar ?
rwettra.jpg Rosa (F) Wettra
ralmeidl.jpg Rosa (H) Alba Meidiland ?
rballeri.jpg Rosa (H) Ballerina
rbparfai.jpg Rosa (H) Bouquet Parfait ?
rldream.jpg Rosa (H) Lavender Dream ?
rmmdilan.jpg Rosa (H) Magic Meidiland ?
rnete.jpg Rosa (H) Neige d' Et? ?
rpmdilan.jpg Rosa (H) Pink Meidiland ?
rrosalit.jpg Rosa (H) Rosalita ?
rrush.jpg Rosa (H) Rush ?
rspretty.jpg Rosa (H) Sweet Pretty ?
rovmdila.jpg Rosa (H) Vanilla Meidiland ?
raloha.jpg Rosa (K) Aloha ?
ramadeus.jpg Rosa (K) Amadeus ?
ralaska.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Alaska ?
Climber with very doubled, pure white flowers, excellent resistance to diseases and moderate growth habit.
rcbonica.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Bonica ?
rcdred.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Dawn Red
rflorent.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Florentina ?
Very robust and winter hardy climber, nostalgic flowers coloured in red. Very floriferous variety that can easily be grown in containers.
rlagun.jpg Rosa (K) cl. Laguna ?
Novelty in the climbers, showing a resistant and healthy foliage and a lovely fragrance.
rctestou.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Mme Caroline Testout
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