Polyantha-Floribunda Roses

racropol.jpg Rosa (F) Acropolis ?
ranectar.jpg Rosa (F) Apricot Nectar
rbengali.jpg Rosa (F) Bengali ?
Very floriferous floribunda with doubled blooms that will open to cups. This variety stands apart by its coloured, trendy colour, its strong and poignant ...
rbonica.jpg Rosa (F) Bonica 82 ?
relle.jpg Rosa (F) Elle ?
rfriesia.jpg Rosa (F) Friesia ?
rgalaxy.jpg Rosa (F) Galaxy ?
rgorose.jpg Rosa (F) Garden of Roses ?
Very compact growing floribunda with nostalgic flowers in an attractive color and delicate fragrance . Ideal for planting in pots , window boxes and small ...
rgborder.jpg Rosa (F) Golden Border ?
rlmarlen.jpg Rosa (F) Lilli Marlene ?
rmmeilan.jpg Rosa (F) Manou Meilland ?
rmmathil.jpg Rosa (F) Maria Mathilda ?
rmatilda.jpg Rosa (F) Matilda ?
rosmmlla.jpg Rosa (F) Matthias Meilland ?
romelro.jpg Rosa (F) Melrose
rmsnow.jpg Rosa (F) Midsummer Snow ?
rpoustin.jpg Rosa (F) Poustinia?
rpmathild.jpg Rosa (F) Prinses Mathilde ?
relizabe.jpg Rosa (F) Queen Elizabeth
rschneew.jpg Rosa (F) Schneewittchen ?
rsunstar.jpg Rosa (F) Sunstar ?
rwettra.jpg Rosa (F) Wettra

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