Climbing roses

raloha.jpg Rosa (K) Aloha ?
ramadeus.jpg Rosa (K) Amadeus ?
ralaska.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Alaska ?
Climber with very doubled, pure white flowers, excellent resistance to diseases and moderate growth habit.
rcbonica.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Bonica ?
rcdred.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Dawn Red
rflorent.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Florentina ?
Very robust and winter hardy climber, nostalgic flowers coloured in red. Very floriferous variety that can easily be grown in containers.
rlagun.jpg Rosa (K) cl. Laguna ?
Novelty in the climbers, showing a resistant and healthy foliage and a lovely fragrance.
rctestou.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Mme Caroline Testout
rocsch.jpg Rosa (K) Cl. Schneewittchen ?
rfkiftsg.jpg Rosa (K) filipes Kiftsgate
rgiardi.jpg Rosa (K) Giardina ?
rgdijon.jpg Rosa (K) Gloire de Dijon
rggate.jpg Rosa (K) Golden Gate ?
rgamour.jpg Rosa (K) Guirlande d'Amour ?
rjasmina.jpg Rosa (K) Jasmina ?
rgstaech.jpg Rosa (K) Mme Gr?goire Staechelin
rondawn.jpg Rosa (K) New Dawn
rpolka91.jpg Rosa (K) Polka 91 ?
rrosanna.jpg Rosa (K) Rosanna ?
rwday.jpg Rosa (K) Wedding Day
rzdrouhi.jpg Rosa (K) Z?phirine Drouhin

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