Groundcover roses

ROASPI.JPG Rosa (F) Aspirin Rose ®
RBMEIDIL.JPG Rosa (R) Bingo Meidiland ®
RCANDE.JPG Rosa (R) Candela ®
RCMDILAN.JPG Rosa (R) Cherry Meidiland ®
ROCMEIDI.JPG Rosa (R) Crimson Meidiland ®
ROESCI.JPG Rosa (R) Escimo ®
RFQUEEN.JPG Rosa (R) Fairy Queen ®
RGLOED.JPG Rosa (R) Gloed ®
RIMEIDI.JPG Rosa (R) Ice Meidiland ®
RLFAIRY.JPG Rosa (R) Lovely Fairy ®
RPSWANY.JPG Rosa (R) Pink Swany®
RRMDILAN.JPG Rosa (R) Red Meidiland ®
RSALSA.JPG Rosa (R) Salsa ®
RSATIN.JPG Rosa (R) Satina ®
RSONNENR.JPG Rosa (R) Sonnenröschen ®
RSROM.JPG Rosa (R) Stadt Rom ®
A very promising, very floriferous variety, the next generation of groundcover roses. Stadt Rom® is vigorous, dense and has a prostrate habit. Its massive, ...
RSWANY.JPG Rosa (R) Swany ®
RFAIRY.JPG Rosa (R) The Fairy
RMATADO.JPG Rosa Matador®
RMIRATO.JPG Rosa Mirato®
RSCHNEEK.JPG Rosa Schneekönigin®
A variety with brilliant white flowers, creamy-yellow towards the centre, produced in large trusses on a prostrate shrub. Excellent groundcover of clean ...

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