Standard roses

rgloed.jpg Rosa (R) Gloed ?
rmirato.jpg Rosa (R) Mirato ?
rsatin.jpg Rosa (R) Satina ?
rsrom.jpg Rosa (R) Stadt Rom ?
A very promising, very floriferous variety, the next generation of groundcover roses. Stadt Rom? is vigorous, dense and has a prostrate habit. Its massive, ...
roaspi.jpg Rosa (ST) Aspirin Rose ?
rballeri.jpg Rosa (ST) Ballerina
rbonica.jpg Rosa (ST) Bonica 82 ?
rcdeneuv.jpg Rosa (ST) Catherine Deneuve ?
rduftwol.jpg Rosa (ST) Duftwolke ?
rjbagate.jpg Rosa (ST) Jardins de Bagatelle ?
rldream.jpg Rosa (ST) Lavender Dream ?
rmmathil.jpg Rosa (ST) Maria Mathilda ?
rmatilda.jpg Rosa (ST) Matilda ?
rosmmlla.jpg Rosa (ST) Matthias Meilland ?
romelro.jpg Rosa (ST) Melrose
rpgirl.jpg Rosa (ST) Pretty Girl?
rschneeko.jpg Rosa (ST) Schneek?nigin?
A variety with brilliant white flowers, creamy-yellow towards the centre, produced in large trusses on a prostrate shrub. Excellent groundcover of clean ...
rschneew.jpg Rosa (ST) Schneewittchen ?
rsunbl.jpg Rosa (ST) Sunblaze ?
rfairy.jpg Rosa (ST) The Fairy
rovmdila.jpg Rosa (ST) Vanilla Meidiland ?

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